A Brief Survey Of Melia Dubia

The State of Karnataka has 190 lakhs Hectare of land Of which 106 lakhs Hectare is cultivated Of this. If just 5% is dedicated to peripheral plantation Amounting to 5.3 lakh hectares of land. This plantation wil produce 96 crores Cuft of timber in 10/12 years Enough timber to sustainably. Run 500 Plywood mill the size of Hunsur plywood Works. This would create almost 5 lakhs additional jobs both Directly And indirectly in the state.

In Terms Of Revenue Of Karnataka

96 crores Cuft timber@Rs.250/- Cuft = 24,000 crores to the Farmers in 10/12 years +additional income from fire wood from the lops and tops =2,400 crores per annum on a sustainable basis, If plywood manufactured from the above timber there is a Minimum 100% value addition Amounting to an industry turnover of 4,800 crores per annum on a sustainable basis. This will generate a minimum of 600 crore revenue per annum, to the state on a continuous basis.
For This Miracle Revolution To Happen

  • Need research on propagation of good quality saplings to improve the quality and growth of the timber.
  • Nurseries need to be set up for distribution of saplings.
  • Farmers need to be educated about the benefit of growing Kad Bevu trees along their boundaries.
  • The government and NGOS should take up this cause seriously on a war footing
  • Forest department needs to abolish felling and transportation permit of this timber which at the moment is a great hindrance
    for the propagation of this species.
  • Under utilized lands should be given to the industries for development of this plantation for captive use on a sustainable basis
This Model Is Not New

  • A green revolution has changed the scenario of the State of Haryana, Punjab, Uttarnchal and Uttar Pradesh.
  • 500 plus plywood mills are running on a sustainable basis using popular timber which the government had identified and promoted a few years back.
  • Farmers are so happy with the remunerations that many are growing popular as an intensive crop in their farm land along with inter cropping.