About Us

The Namana Botanical Gardens, on the lower slopes of Sahyadri Mountain ranges in K.R.Nagar, Mysore, has the world's most comprehensive display of living Indian native plants. A place for recreation, inspiration, science and learning.

Namana Botanical Gardens has the Herbarium, with over three thousand specimens, is responsible for the scientific integrity of the Gardens' plant labeling and manages the national plant name lists for India's botanical community.

Namana Botanical Gardens founded in the year of 2010, spread acrross approximately 10 acres of land, more than 20 people work to retain the supply of plants flow adequately. We have approximately delivered more than 50 thousand plants across india.

Namana Botanical Gardens functions in a way so that the nursery, packing, transportation and plantation must be completed in a professional way and ensure the returns need to be profitable. Here in NBG we assist and insist people to grow plants, herbs, shrubs and trees which are economical and helpful to society.