Why Melia Dubia?

  • In addition to its obvious Economic Benefits discussed
  • HEBBEVU(Melia dubia) has been identified has a fast growing indigenous species.
  • This species being a local timber is better suited for industrial use than other exotic/foreign species being presently propagated.
  • Growing this species can increase the forest cover rapidly which at present is a national priority.
  • Large scale availability of plantation timber will save our natural forest and bio diversity which need to be protected.
  • This will improve rural economy
  • The seeds of this tree can be used for the extraction of a bio pesticides which is an industry by itself.
  • The use of this timber as and when available produces a very good quality plywood comparable to international standards.
We Have A Dream And You Can Help Make It Happen
  • By promoting the wood based industry
  • By removing present hurdles
  • By helping farmers grow HEBBEVU (Melia dubia) plantations on a large scale.

We have based on our calculations in this presentation on a 5% peripheral land use basis you can imagine what will happen if more land is promoted for this planattion.

Why Grow Melia Dubia (Kadbevu) For Production Of Plywood
  • It is fast growing with life cycle of 10 to 15 years, specially suited for production of Veneers & Plywood
  • It grows well even in rainfall areas of 25" to 35" (625 mm to 875 mm)
  • It grows well with irrigation even in lower rainfall areas
  • Average growth of melia Dubia is approx. 1 cft per year per tree
  • In pure plantation growth is slightly slower, it requires space to grow. We recommend space of 20' x 20'
  • This tree grows very round and sound almost without knots
  • It branches between 15' to 25' with clear straight bole
  • Density of timber is between 0.375 to 0.45
  • Colour is light pinkish to pinkish
  • Wood of Melia Dubia is not suspectible to insect attack
  • Timber peels well and produces clear veneer
  • Logs of 4' up in girth (40 cms up in dia) produce excellent faces & panel core. Quality is defectless
  • Quality of cross core obtained from logs of 3' & up girth (30 cms up dia) logs is clean almost without blemish
  • Veneer dries well & fast thereby increasing drying capacity of veneer dreier at least by 25 to 40%
  • Veneer Bonds well, adhesion property is excellent.
  • It produces good quality light weight plywood, comparable to Okume Plywood. Okume plywood is very popular in Europe & USA and sells at premium.
  • Higher & old growth logs are sliced to produce Decorative veneers
  • Yield from logs is high, considering Melia Dubia produces quality Veneers